About The Filmmaker


About the filmmaker


ED HELLMAN (Writer/Director)

Ed Hellman hails from Baltimore, Maryland. He holds a BFA from Bard College and a MPS from the School of Visual Arts. Ed is an Apple-certified Final Cut Pro Editor and professional freelance Director and AD.

He has been making films since the fourth grade, often investigating the themes of identity, gender, sight, and miscommunication. Ed won the Adolfas Mekas Award for Scriptwriting in 2006 for his 3rd feature film, “Elephant in Love” and “Retire for the Evening” won Runner-Up Best Picture at its premiere festival, the SVA Film Fest 2013.

He is currently working as a freelance Director and 1st Assistant Director, while in pre-production on a web-series with Carla Rhodes.

Ed lives with his wife, Andrea, and their two hairless cats in New York.